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Fri Jan 09, 2009 3:28 pm by Abercrombie101

Counseling is run by the members of the forum if they are having problems wether with another member or a home issue they can come here and talk about it as long as all rules are followed and everyone is telling the truth now if we can't get along how are we supposed to be in a forum together this forum is for building friendships and having fun try not to complain too much..we try are best ..

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Rules/How to Report a post/abbreviations/ect

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Rules/How to Report a post/abbreviations/ect

Post by Abercrombie101 on Fri Sep 26, 2008 5:00 pm

1.No Fighting
2. No Cyber ~Sex~
3.No Arguing (you do not come here to solve your problems.Solve your problems privately.)
4.If Your Having a Problem With a Member Please Talk To Me (California_101) or Some of the Other Moderators here.
5. No Cursing or Rude Remarks.
If you Have Any Problems with the Rules or you have something you'd like to Discuss you may P.m. ( Private Message ) me Or you can e-mail me at DixieGirls@lycos.com
Thank you for your time
* you agreed to these when you registered*
[b]Reporting Posts!

We urge our members to report
posts immediately if you see anybody doing something that is against
the rules. You can report a post by clicking the: button.
When you
report a post that way, it is easier for me to find out whats happening
or of course you can just P.M me saying what that person has said and
tell me which topic they have said it in if you prefer.
reporting a post that means they went against the rules more than once.
When you report a post please please tell me what that member said. You
can either P.M me or purple if you want to know more imformation.
be afraid because if you never did anything wrong then you will not get
in trouble, in fact if you report a post that is going against the
rules you are not just helping yourselves but you are helping everybody
else in the forum. You do not have a button to report private messages
so therefor you will have to P.M me saying what was in the P.M and we
will see what we can do for you but that option is only for reporting
We are extremely nice here at this forum but to ensure that
our forum stays safe we need you members to keep an eye on the forum
for us because there are many members who decide to go against the
forum rules so therefor they have to be punished.
Other members
decide to try spamming the forum so if you see a post that you think is
spam then please report it immediately as well. If you be nice and go
along with the forums rules then many prizes await you. You just have
to try hard to earn those prizes.
As I said we are very nice at this
forum but many members take this as an opportunity to go against the
rules thinking we wont say anything but we will because we are trying
to keep our forum safe for you members!
We at this forum try our
hardest to keep you satisfied and because of that reason we want you to
go along with our rules, after all we try our best to give as many
prizes as we can away and to keep you happy at this forum. We really
want you to enjoy your stay and have fun. Please dont ruin it for
Remember we are always happy to help!

--These are some abreviations for some of you people who do not understand them-- (by the way I know how you feel)

Atm = at the mall

Btw = by the way

Brb = Be right back

Ctc = Cinnimon toast crunch

Ttyl = talk to you later

L8er = later

Blc = berry lucky charms

Lol = laugh(s) out loud

Ppl = people

Prpl = Purple

Pm = private message

Em = e-mail

Wat = What

Ev. = Ever

Bff = Best friends forvever

Bffl = best friends for life

bro = brother

admin = administrator

mod = moderator

2 = two

Thx = thanks

Nvm = never mind

Youv = you've

U = you

Btl = be there later

nd = no duh

User = username(s)

omg = Oh my god / oh my gosh

G2G = got to go

SeYa = see yah.

Sry = sorry

Jk = Just kidding

l8er = later

sys = see you soon

nw! = no way!

Dear moderators, Please take this into notion do not delete
topics please basket them if they get old...not b/c you want to..not
b/c it had 1 little bad post..but only if the topic is old..like at the
very bottom of the screen and the date is like 2 months ago..not a week
ago 2 MONTHS ok..and if a post is bad please delete it do NOT bann the
person for just 1 mistake..they have to get all 4 warnings and then
they will be banned by ME no1 else is allowed to bann unless you have
100% permission from me..
-thx Cali_101
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Oforum Administrators

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